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A Note From The Director

in the mood

I have been thinking a lot about Wong Kar-wai and his films In the Mood for Love and Happy Together.  Both films confront audiences with lovers stuck in a stage of liminality.  This “in-betweenness”  or suspension of time creates a sensual and emotionally charged world on screen: a place where both sets of lovers experience personal awakening and the strength of human attraction.  However, this heightened state cannot exist for long, and the lovers must eventually confront their issues in real time in a moment of crushing beauty.

How does this apply to my direction of Twelve Treatises on Memory?  Well, I see the characters of Beth and Mark as being suspended in their own stage of liminality.  A state due partly to the extreme length of time that has passed since their last meeting.  A state where past memories are tangible and pressing, and personal discovery hovers just beyond reach.  And yet, the moments that Beth and Mark share throughout the night are beautiful and subtle, painful and engaging.  And when they do finally confront their issues, the reality of their situation is both crushing and sublime.

Of course my perspectives are going to change once we enter actual rehearsals, but it’s always nice to remember the beginnings of your process: the many muses that made you delve deeper than you had done before.

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Here we go.


well y’all, the process has begun.

We had our first read through on January 1st, and we have found a rustic little rehearsal space in a storage shed.

A note on production:

Our performance dates have been moved from Valentine’s Day weekend to the first weekend in March, but we intend to recapture the romantic atmosphere with an intimate seating arrangement and live music.

stay tuned for more updates!

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We will provide information about the play, cast, and background information, as well as pre production updates through this blog.

The production budget is very modest, but we would appreciate your support!

Coming soon:

PayPal account information

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