We’re loading in the set and bistro tables today.  Erinn Huntley worked on our lights yesterday, and she put some gels in for us to test out.  We will be the first show at Anam Cara to use their brand-spanking-new lighting equipment! very cool and hooray for arts grants!


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radio show

in case the other link I posted leads to “page not found,” try this one!

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On the Radio.

Great session with Asheville radio host Matt Barlow last night!  The actors performed parts of three different scenes, and the cast and crew got to gab theatre with a great DJ. 

Many thanks to Matt and his program, Notes from the Underground.

the whole program is available for listening this week at:


check it!

-Rachel T-L

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The Sound of Silence

An interesting feature of this play’s construction is the playwright’s use of a certain piece of punctuation:

“I have made unconventional use of certain punctuation marks in the script. Often a line of
dialogue will consist of a simple colon ( : ). My intention here is twofold: to shape the scene
rhythmically using silence, and to indicate a specific quality of that silence, namely watchfulness.”

These silences have presented a delicious challenge in the rehearsal room. First of all, they are challenging for an actor to deliver with specificity and intent.  Many acting questions arise from this challenge. Are the (:) functioning as silent lines, beats, or pauses?  Can they be a combination of all three?  How does an actor differentiate between these choices without the use of words or demonstrative gesture? How can the director effectively assist the actors in discovering the best way to handle these (:) while still allowing the text to reveal its true structure naturally and with ease? 

One thing that I will say, when the actors fully observe and explore these moments of silent “watchfulness”, the result is both breath taking and expansive. As a director and as an audience member, I feel privileged in sharing the carefully suspended silence between two people who feel deeply and strongly.  But the work isn’t over, each (:) presents a new puzzle in the rehearsal room, and we are still discovering the key to their theatrical value. 


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John’s web page

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“Tell It Like It Was”

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A Leg Up.

howdy y’all .

we are now entering out THIRD week in rehearsals.  We are chugging right along with text work and basic blocking, however, we are very behind on our budget needs. 

as of today, this production needs $100 dollars to cover set and costume building, printing, and sound production costs.  any little bit helps folks.  check out our DONATE page on this site to see how you can help local theatre artists express their true potential!  many thanks

-Rachel Thomas-Levy

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